By urban dic

Polygamy !!!

A serious trusting relationship with multiple partners (because it’s not cheating if you have no secrets and all partners are alright with you bringing another into the group) and without marriage (because marriage is only used by governments and religions to control stupid people). The larger the group gets, the more consent is needed to bring in new partners. Polygamy is not the same thing as an open relationship because in an open relationship you see and do who you want without asking for anyone’s consent first.

The reason the government rejects polygamy as a way of living now is because;

A. The world is based on money, and households are based on a two person income so people work all the time, barely pay their bills, and still maintain I high level of debt while the kids are taken away by the school system and brainwashed to think learning is to repeat what is told to them.

B. They are still forcing religious views and beliefs upon all the citizens, to try and keep everyone stupid, unable to think for themselves and unable to act on their own.

Conclusion: Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, and most laws are just the beliefs of others being forced onto you from birth so you are never aware and still blindly follow. It’s time to ask yourself and everyone else “Why?”.

Send this definition to all of your friends, FUCK RELIGION, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, WE WANT A FREEDOM OF NO RELIGION. We want a society based on intelligent thought, not blind ignorance.
Polygamy can consist of;

A. One Man And Many Women
B. One Woman And Many Men
C. Many Men
D. Many Women
E. Many Men And Many Women

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my ex sent me pics of another girl sucking his weiner one time because he thought it would make me mad and i wrote back “did your mom do something different with her hair?” 

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Aww yeee


Aww yeee

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a pretty cool name for someone who lived in the 18th century

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if you don’t terrify people a little bit then what’s the point.

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